Do you need coaching?

  • Do you often feel there is something holding you back from a much more fulfilling life?
  • Do you often know what you should be doing, but have a hard time actually doing it?
  • Do you find yourself getting angry at times, and you don’t know why?
  • Do you routinely run out of time, energy or patience by the end of the day?
  • Do you find yourself not growing as much in your career or business?
  • Are you on a professional crossroad or contemplating career transition?
  • Is there less meaning in your life, career, relationship, or business, than you would like?
  • Do you routinely find yourself worrying or stressed out or worrying about the future?
  • Has it been awhile since you really enjoyed yourself?
  • Would you benefit from having clear goals that reflect what is truly important to you?

Sanjog as a Coach

Sanjog has over 22 years in in Strategic IT Management, Consulting, and Coaching. He is the founder, editorial head and show host of global media outlet CIO Talk Network and CEO of IT HR consulting firm AVVAL. As your coach, Sanjog strives to provide you with objective awareness and curiosity about your life’s choices by:

  • Delivering candid feedback
  • Encouraging self-discovery
  • Providing innovative approaches to old habits and ideas
  • Helping to maintain momentum and enthusiasm
  • Objectively challenging your thinking and assumptions
  • Setting clearly achievable goals

And it works because coachee readiness and commitment is ensured at the onset of this customized and highly collaborative program that is focused, specific and based on a measurable process. Goal here is to make the Coach redundant towards end of the program.

Coaching Options

Individual coaching provides one-on-one leadership development opportunities for senior managers, executives, and entpreneurs. Each engagement is highly customized which ensures that the coach and the coachee establish a sound and constructive relationship. Sanjog builds on this relationship, leverages his proprietary and proven S3 (Success, Satisfaction and Smile) framework, and challenges the coachee in an objective manner to encourage stretch needed for development, and then supports the coachee to insure positive change. This coaching method is best suited for individuals who:

  • Desires a more personal approach to development
  • Have unique needs that require customization only possible in one-on-one setting
  • Benefit from the additional structure and accountability offered in an individual setting
Put a team of high performing executives in a room who need to combine their strengths and work towards common goals,  and in themselves and support others in their journey, the potential is enormous. Team coaching leverages the power of collective intelligence, shared experiences, and group thinking. Sanjog creates an open  and safe environment where everyone engages and to expose the core of an issue, achieve clarity, and blaze the path forward for themselves as individuals and for the team. Team coaching may be leveraged for:

  • building high performing and sustainable leadership teams
  • improve organizational culture and employee engagement
  • improving effectiveness of a newly formed team
Group coaching allows individuals to develop their vision, identify their calling, and meet their goals by working in a group comprised of like minded progressive individuals. Sanjog leverages his proven S3 Framework and years of experience in group facilitation to create an intimate conversation space, focused on goal setting, deepening awareness around key issues, taking action, and accountability. Sanjog’s group coaching clients benefit from the peer learning with others, commonly referred to as the collective wisdom of the group. This peer learning offers a “less on the spot” comfort, giving them more time to reflect and integrate their insights. Group coaching may be considered an on-going conversation, which supports change over time and is best suited for individuals who:

  • are budget conscious but still looking for guidance and support to identify and meet their goals
  • in career transition or cross road and benefit from shared experiences and collective wisdom
  • want to improve their leadership, business, or communication skills working alongside other progressive individuals

The S3 Coaching Framework

How and Why it works?

A process driven yet highly personalized approach is the key to success.

A four (4) consecutive day initial investment by Coachee as s/he:

  • takes 2 days off work and engages in pleasurable non-work activities (non-working weekend days work just fine) and gets relaxed.
  • retreats for 2 additional days of reflection, thinking, and analysis of their present, what future should be, and related roadmaps.
  • brings back informal documentation that can be shared with the coach. Scratch pad is OK!
  1. Coach listens and Coachee talks for the most part about his/her findings and revelations. Coach may ask questions for clarification, lots of “why”, and takes notes.
  2. Coach outlines his understanding of Coachee’s perspective on where s/he, where s/he wants to be, and how to get there. Coachee validates.
  1. Coach and Coachee discuss and co-develop Vision and Goals
  2. Coach and Coachee establish mutually agreeable benchmarks in order to measure progress and success
  1. Coach and Coachee discuss and co-develop step by step roadmap to achieve each goal aligned with Vision and as per agreed upon benchmarks and milestones
  2. Upload Roadmap, Goals and Milestones on online coaching portal for execution tracking
  1. Coachee starts following the roadmap and logs progress.
  2. Coach provides encouragement, feedback, ideas, and support as needed. Lots of related reading, learning, and discussions along the way.
  3. Progress is tracked based on agreed upon metrics.
  4. As needed, course correction may be applied due to renewed findings, focus, or change in external environment as applicable
  • No formal coaching session…just celebration…and Coach pays
  • Motivation, confidence, skills and competencies built through successes and learnings
  • Coachee becomes self reliant, transforms from being accountable to countable and embraces S3 balance as a second nature


“Working with Sanjog has been a great learning, invigorating experience. He has always provided me with honest feedback in the sense acted as a mirror. Sanjog has a very approachable demeanor that allowed me to be comfortable to bring forth my current challenges, concerns and discuss them with him without being judged at all. His mentorship has certainly given me a very crystal clear vision of what I need to achieve in my career in the forthcoming years.”

“Sanjog has been instrumental in helping me to build an accelerated coaching and mentoring plan throughout the local community. I always look at Sanjog as a great connector who constructs win-win proposals that can build successful entrepreneurs. Sanjog is a premier IT executive coach and mentor who effectively engages with IT thought leaders in developing and owning their vision and strategies, leveraging cross-organization collaboration to achieve the best solutions. He consistently energizes people to realize their goals and creates an environment where others are motivated to do their very best. He is the “go-to” coach when it comes to IT in America.”

José Ignacio Sordo Galarza

“Sanjog has been a valuable resource to me both professionally and personally. He helped me to develop my management and communication skills, allowing for my career to advance and my capabilities to grow. It was Sanjog who taught me the importance of networking and collaboration with other professionals outside of my organization. Both sponsoring me to join the Society of Information Managers (SIM) and introducing me to many leaders both in and out of my industry has allowed for me to develop relationships that I would have otherwise not established. Sanjog has a special talent in the way that he mentors. He establishes relationships not for the goal of how it can benefit himself or his company, rather how it can mutually benefit everyone involved in the relationship. Listening and then providing honest and frank feedback has been critical in helping to develop success in those that he has coached.”

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