When nothing is certain, everything is possible.

Do you look forward to whatever comes up next in your life? Do you drive your life and career decisions based on your calling and gut? If your answer is no, you may be missing your chance to live life to the fullest. We can be hopeful but can never be certain in life. Certainty is an illusion. We can be intentional about our plans and efforts, but the outcomes are unpredictable.
Here are a few ways you can transform uncertainty into a catalyst, make your life a daily adventure, create possibilities and propel yourself forward:
  • Expect uncertainty: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Plan for contingencies reasonably and charge ahead with realism and optimism.
  • Count only on yourself: This does not mean you stop trusting others. Everyone else’s performance or external circumstances are never under your control and thus are uncertain. You must rely only on your own contribution towards a project, relationship or similar endeavors when evaluating the probability of a successful outcome.
  • Be ready to let go of attachments: This does not mean you get to become selfish with your decisions. Whether it is your home that you feel safe in or relationships that you count on for love and support, they are tough to let go of. But, should an opportunity arise to explore new pastures, the uncertainty of change will be easier to embrace.\
  • Embrace imperfections: Don’t we all wish that everything turns out perfect in our lives including matters that concern our material wealth, social status and relationships? This pursuit makes uncertainty harder to handle. Instead, accept and enjoy this imperfect life.
  • Be thankful: Constantly remind yourself and be grateful for the gifts you have in the form of health, family and friends among others. They are an endless source of strength.
When nothing is certain, everything is possible. Embrace uncertainty and live your life to the fullest every moment, every day!