My life has been a unique and interesting journey. It’s not one that’s fraught with Earth-shattering tragedies, overcoming hardships or rising from rags to riches, but it’s required me to improvise.

Working toward my passions has meant maneuvering through various opportunities and challenges and making impulsive choices. Fulfillment for me came not from pursuing success but in giving priority to the people and relationships I’ve developed over time. As a coach and mentor for other leaders and practitioners in IT management, I’ve sought to provide their life with value through two goals:

  1. To help bring clarity and focus to others by working alongside them as a friend and consultant as they go about leading their personal and professional lives. These two facets of life are interdependent in the world we live in today, and I hope to help them maximize their potential in each.
  2. To conceptualize and facilitate conversations among progressive individuals who aspire to think, learn and grow. I hope they and their organization can benefit from the collective intelligence generated.

I’ve chosen these missions as my career and passion in life; working with them helps to enrich it. It’s a discipline that I feel has a pervasive impact on how we live our lives and do business.

I lead up three operations that have provided numerous facets to pursue these goals: the IT professional services firm AVVAL, the thought leadership online forum CIO Talk Radio and the in-person community give-back initiative Real-IT-y. Working with my team, each one gives me immense satisfaction and opportunities on a daily basis to create value as I serve.

The purpose then of this website and of this blog on is to do more of the same, to help others talk through ideas and to have a vessel to share some of my own thoughts with the broader world. It’s going to be a way for me to share my experience, insights, and perspectives as I go about serving this IT Community.

My sincere thanks to all the people who have taken the time to read this and who have made an impact on who I am today. Your candid feedback, comments and suggestions on this site are invaluable.

Hopefully I can continue to create real, tangible value for you through this blog, and I invite you to join me to continue to be curious, authentic and to always improvise just as I have.